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The New Sex-Ed Curriculum - A Common Sense Approach

Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards (CHPE) Sex Ed

We encourage the SPF District to adopt a common-sense approach to the CHPE curriculum. (click here to view standards)

  • Complete transparency – teachers are required to prepare lesson plans in advance of teaching, there is no reason those cannot be made available in advance to parents can make informed decisions.

  • Opt out – Under law, parents have the right to opt out of any or all instruction in the CHPE standards. Parents can make the determination of what fits their child best and what is age appropriate, rather than the District. Protection from ridicule and bullying must be provided to those who opt out, with the same intensity it is extended to other classes of individuals.

  • Reasonable Guideline – The CHPE standards as written only provide a deadline for teaching certain topics (i.e. by the end of grades 2, 5, 8, and 12). There is nothing that restricts the 12th grade topics from being taught in kindergarten. The District should limit the instruction topics to the maximum grade level allowed by the Standards.

  • Reject outside influences – Many of the resources linked to by the State website are from activist groups with stated pollical and social agendas. The materials used in CHPE instruction should be from neutral sources.

An Opt-Out Form can be found on the Resources page of the site.

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